If more than 50% of the money you ever put in your pocket from your Amazon or eCommerce business will likely come when you sell it…

How Much Time Have You Spent Strategically Planning Your Biggest Payday?

Northbound Group is your path to a premium exit.

The most advanced Amazon & eCommerce planning and valuation system available.

Start thinking about your business in a different way


Once you realize this, everything about how you build your business changes:

  • Selling the FUTURE PROFIT of the business
  • Selling the INVENTORY that has been built up
  • Selling the ASSETS
  • Building your BRAND
  • Mitigating and reducing RISK
  • Being ready for a sale when the TIMING is right

The Big Questions We Help You Answer

Where am I today?

  • How is my business truly performing?
  • How will buyers view my business?
  • What is my business worth today?

What could I achieve?

  • What bottlenecks hurt my valuation?
  • How do I remove them?

When will I get there?

  • What will my business be worth in 1, 2 or 3 years?
  • How should I structure my business to sell?
  • When is the right time to sell?
  • How do I get the best price for my business?

Services We Provide

Northbound Group is a strategic advisement firm that assists you with the following:


Business Sale

We’re in your corner throughout the entire transaction process from going to market through accepted offer and closed transaction, allowing you to focus on growing your business during this critical phase.


Strategic Finance

We are your financial partner in assessing your current numbers, building your sales forecast, and then ensuring you have the cash needed to achieve your growth target.


Mergers & Buyouts

We assist shareholders in forming companies the right way, buying out shareholders, and a range of other corporate transactions.


Supplier Negotiations

We leverage extensive deal and negotiation expertise to design supplier relationships that improve your cash flow and drive increased profitability.

The Northbound Team

We offer an unrivaled blend of synergistic skills to help you maximize the value you receive from your business:

  • ​Corporate Development With former Amazon Sellers on our team, we offer in-depth strategic advice and operational insight to drive your business to new heights.
  • Strategic Finance – Our industry-leading strategic valuation model and team of experienced financial professionals provide CFO-level advice to increase your profits and sales.
  • M&A Advisement - We are Sell-Side Specialists. Benefit from our extensive experience in helping eCommerce business owners like you plan and achieve a successful exit.

Our team is purpose-driven to get life changing results for our clients. Don’t do the biggest deal of your life alone!

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